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Meet Rekha

Meet textile artist, crafter and surface designer, Rekha Krishnamurthi

Who Am I?

Hi there! I’m Rekha Krishnamurthi, textile artist, crafter and surface pattern designer.  What started as a fun silk painting class that I took as a high-school student has turned into a lifelong passion and interest in textile art and design.  I love working with textiles because there are a variety of techniques that can be used to bring new life to a plain piece of cloth.  I’ve been working with fabric paints and dyes for years, constantly adding to my repertoire of hand painting and dyeing methods to produce unique patterns and prints.  Though textile art and pattern design is my specialty, I also work with a variety of other mediums such as clay, alcohol inks, watercolor and gouache. 

My Design Style

I am inspired by bold color, abstract elements, handmade crafts and global travel.  My aesthetic leans towards blending whimsical design with East-meets-West inspired motifs using a variety of techniques ranging from sketching, hand-painting to digitally drawn designs.

I am inspired by bold color, abstract elements, handmade crafts and global travel.
My design process starts with a sketchpad, pencils and markers.

My Design Process

My design process starts with a sketchpad, pencils and markers, where I create my inspiration and color palette. Next, I experiment transferring my sketchbook ideas onto fabric, or paper by silk painting, dyeing, block printing or hand painting. I also create original prints on paper with pencil, pen, watercolor, gouache or alcohol inks. Once a print is complete, I scan it,  and then using digital tools, I enhance or modify the design to create a new sequence of patterns. 



Here's a bit more about me


Though I’ve always been creative since childhood, my creative endeavours as a business and solopreneur did not really solidify until about 2016.  While I was figuring out my creative passions, I’ve enjoyed a diverse career path!  After earning business degrees, I worked in finance and consulting while taking classes at New York’s Parsons, the New School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology.  Currently, I work as a learning experience designer with General Assembly in NYC. 

When I’m not in my studio, creating a new art kit or designing patterns, I’m working on DIY tutorials for my YouTube channel or experimenting in the kitchen trying out new recipes!


Interested in collaborating on your next design project?
 I’m available for independent work and to collaborate with on creative projects.  To learn more about my services and how I work, please visit my Design Services page.  To discuss ideas, please email info[at]


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