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A collage of some of my artwork, designs and patterns |


 Abstract Art Hand-Painted Illustrations Patterns

 About My Work

Though my speciality is textile art, I also work with other mediums such as watercolor, gouache, pen, alcohol ink and I create digitally as well.

If you are an art/creative director or other design industry professional and you would like to view my entire portfolio or receive my surface design newsletter, please contact me directly at info[at] 

I’m available for freelance work,  licensing and collaborations.  See Design Services to learn more.

 About My Work

 My Signature Style

  • Abstract textures

  • Colorful and vibrant

  • Organic patterns

  • Eclectic style

 My signature style

What Inspires Me

I'm inspired by bold color, global travel and the world around me

I am inspired  by the world around me! You'll always find me snapping photos with my iPhone, capturing key moments that inspire new pattern ideas, illustrations and custom color palettes. 

Read more about my design style and what inspires me here: Meet Rekha 


Custom Color Palettes

Spring Blossom Color Palette Panama Color Palette  Broccolini Color Palette