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Designing with Procreate

Have you heard of Procreate? It’s a digital design app for creative professionals, made exclusively for the iPad. Unlike other design software which requires a monthly fee (such as Adobe Creative Cloud), Procreate is reasonably priced at $9.99 and once you download it, there are no monthly fees!

I’m just starting to explore this app and all that it can do. So far I’ve learned how to create a custom color palette, how different brushes work and how to draw with the Apple Pencil. Drawing with a digital stylus definitely takes practice and getting used to compared to sketching with a traditional HB pencil.

Designing with Procreate |

I’m excited to learn digital illustration with this app…and like with any new creative skill, it requires lots of practice and patience!

Abstract art in Procreate |

In addition to exploring on my own, I learned some basic Procreate skills from this Skillshare course:Drawing in Procreate! Learning the Basics by Lettie Blue.

Once I feel more comfortable with the basics, I’m eager to learn how to create repeating patterns. I’ll be visiting these classes soon: Creating Repeat Patterns on your iPad in Procreate by Babs Reh and Create Seamless Patterns on your iPad in Procreate by Liz Kohler Brown.

Oil painting abstract design in Procreate |

Flower design in Procrete |


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