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Learn the art of monotype using watercolor paints. Monotype is a form of printmaking that allows you to create unique, one-off prints.

Once you learn the basics, there are endless ways to apply monotype printmaking techniques...your imagination is the limit! This is an easy and fun printmaking process that can be enjoyed by all levels of artists!

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn about the supplies, how to paint your design, how to pull the print, create a second ghost print and how to embellish your prints with markers, gel pens and paint pens.

Inspiration and template designs for your prints will be provided or you can come up with your own design idea.  Time permitting, you may be able to make two prints!

Format of the Workshop:

  • This is an in-person workshop that will be conducted at a company location, hotel space or event space of your choice
  • All supplies will be provided

To book this workshop, please follow the instructions under How it Works on the Workshops main page. 

Examples of monotype pulled prints