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Children's Book Illustration

Are you a children’s book author in search of an illustrator to bring your story to life? If yes, read on and let’s chat!

Children's Book Illustration - a boy looking outside the window, disappointed because it is a rainy day

The role of an illustrator in a children’s book is critical. Illustrating a children’s book is more than just adding pretty pictures. As an illustrator, my role is to deeply connect with your story, the characters, the theme and bring it to life with visually appealing and memorable illustrations and art.

My style

The words I would use to describe my children’s book illustration style are:

  • Cartoonish
  • Whimsical
  • Abstract
  • Exaggerated
  • Bold and bright

Children's Book Illustration - animals at the Bronx Zoo


Tools and Methods

While most of my illustrations are created using digital tools such as Procreate, Adobe Photoshop and Fresco, I also use traditional methods such as watercolor, acrylic and collage. I love to mix both traditional techniques with digital painting.  Depending on your story needs, we will discuss and determine the best illustration approach.

Preliminary rough sketches


How it Works

In either case, whether I create digitally or traditionally, my process starts with understanding your story. Next is character design, followed by a storyboard where I draw thumbnail sketches of each scene and create the initial illustrations.  Feedback is collected along each step of the process and adjustments are made before producing the final illustrations and layout.  

Children's Book Illustration Process


  1. Understand the story and the target audience
  2. Create rough sketches of the characters with different expressions and in different poses
  3. Create a storyboard - thumbnail sketches of each scene and initial illustrations
  4. Gather feedback and revise
  5. Produce layout of final illustrations with text

There will be multiple reviews along the way where you will have a chance to provide feedback and sign off before final illustrations are produced.

Approximate time frame to complete the illustrations for a 32-page children’s book is approximately 4 months. 

Note:  This service is for the interior book illustrations that support the story and for integrating the text with the illustrations.  It does not include formatting the complete book. Book cover design is a separate service.

Children's Book Illustration - skateboarder

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call or contact me at info[at]divineny[dot]com to discuss your brand identity needs.

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call


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