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Animation and Motion Graphics

Visual Storytelling through Animation and Motion Graphics

Elevate your brand or product with captivating animation and motion graphics. I collaborate with you to create animated visual stories using a variety of shapes, textured backgrounds, typography, characters, patterns, and other artistic elements to convey the perfect message to your audience.

Please see my portfolio for examples of my animation and motion graphic work.

How it Works

  1. Discovery Call: We start with a call to understand your story, target audience, timeline, and overall illustration needs.
  2. Develop Story/Script: We create a compelling narrative or script tailored to your message.
  3. Create Mood Board and Storyboard: We visualize the style and flow of your animation.
  4. Create Illustrations or Source Assets: I either hand-draw illustrations or source stock imagery and other creative assets.
  5. Review and Feedback of Concept: You review the initial concept and provide feedback.
  6. Build Animation or Motion Graphic: I bring the visual story to life with animation or motion graphics.
  7. Review and Feedback of Initial Animation: You review the initial animation or motion graphic and provide feedback.
  8. Deliver Final Product: After incorporating your feedback, I deliver the final product.

Throughout the process, there will be additional review points where you can provide feedback and sign off before the final animation or motion graphics are produced.


 Ready to get started?

Schedule a discovery call to discuss your animation and motion graphic needs.
Schedule a 30 minute discovery call
Or if you prefer, please email me at info[at]divineny[dot]com.