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Animation and Motion Graphics

The phrase “content is king and engagement is queen” is well-known, especially in the content marketing world.  While it is important to have different types of content to relay your messaging, video still reigns supreme

But any old video won’t do!  These days, the average attention span of an individual watching a video is about 47 seconds! That means, you have to make a stellar impression right away. 

Animation and motion graphics are two powerful visual storytelling tools!

A key characteristic of a motion graphic is the minimalist design style; using basic shapes, color and typography to communicate a message or story. The simplicity of this style allows it to be easily accessible to a variety of audiences.

Animation is the broader term that refers to bringing characters and other elements to life by adding movement in addition to color, shape and typography.  In animation, characters tend to be more complex, with intricate movement and detailed storytelling.

How it Works

This is how the animation and motion design services works

Regardless of what package you select, the basic process is as follows:

  1. Discovery call
  2. Develop story/script
  3. Create mood board and storyboard
  4. Create hand drawn illustrations or find stock imagery and other creative assets
  5. Review/feedback of concept
  6. Build animation or motion graphic
  7. Review/feedback of initial animation or motion graphic
  8. Deliver final product

There will be additional reviews along the way where you will have a chance to provide feedback and sign off before final animation or motion graphics are produced.


Basic - Motion Design Text Based Visual Story 

A visual story that relays a message, quote or statement about your brand, product or service using kinetic typography (moving text), patterns, colorful backgrounds and graphical design elements.

Purpose:  Use in email marketing , websites and social media

Length:  30 - 60 seconds

Standard - Mixed Media Art Motion Design

A visual story that incorporates mixed media art, kinetic typography, illustration, stock images, stock video or other stock graphical elements to convey a message about your product, brand or service that is entertaining, educational, makes a statement and showcases what your brand is about without being a sales pitch.

Purpose:  Use in email marketing, websites, social media, YouTube channel

Length: 30 - 60 seconds

Premium - Animated Story Using Hand Drawn and Custom Illustrations

This is a micro-story that incorporates hand drawn characters, backgrounds, kinetic typography, custom images, video and other graphical elements to convey a story about your product, brand or service.  The story is a key message or statement that represents what your brand is about or stands for.

Purpose:  Use in email marketing, websites, social media, YouTube channel



If you don’t need a full package, a la carte options are also available.  This can include:

  • YouTube Channel Intro video
  • Animated Logos

Note: Depending on the scope and nature of the work, I have a reliable network of talented creative professionals to partner with, should projects require it. My network includes script writers, directors, illustrators and animators.


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