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I recently participated in Pattern Observer’s 5 Day Design Shake Up.  The purpose of this shake up or “challenge” was to encourage creative exploration.  When you are a creative professional, it is easy to get caught up in the administrative side of your business, absorbed in client projects or bogged down in full production mode. 

This leaves little time for creative play.  As Michelle Fifis, founder of Pattern Observer says:  “Without the proper creative explorations those ideas and visions fall flat, which is an extremely frustrating experience for any designer.”  I totally resonate with this statement. When you don’t allow time for creative play, you get stagnant and lose your creative inspiration. This is why engaging in creative activity as little as 15 minutes a day is very important.  Not only will it inspire new ideas, it is also a great way to manage stress. 

I was particularly inspired by Day 2 of the Design Shake Up which encouraged you to try out different mediums, tools and processes - items that you don’t normally use in your creative practice.  So, I decided to dust off my watercolor paints! I haven’t worked with watercolor for years. I was pleased to discover how much I do love designing with watercolor pan paints, gouache and Dr. Ph. Martin’s concentrated watercolor.

Here is a sampling of my watercolor doodles.  Now, I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite medium to design with?  Share with me by tagging me: @DivineNY on Instagram!

Inspired by Watercolor |

Watercolor doodles |

Watercolor sketch using Dr. Ph Martin's concentrated watercolor |


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