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Spring is in the Air: Indoor Gardening

Spring is in the air! Though it is still a tad chilly up where I am, there are glimpses that spring and summer are around the corner and before you know it warm temperatures will be upon us.  I’m looking forward to it, as I’m not a fan of winter!

To kick off the new season, I bought a Lavender Flower Garden Kit from Crate & Barrel.  I don’t have a yard, so any gardening projects I take on will have to be suited for indoors.  This kit seems perfect for a city dweller!

Lavender Flower Garden Kit from Crate and Barrel |

Start your indoor garden with this lavender garden kit |

This kit has everything you need to grow lavender.  It takes 21 days to sprout, so I’m starting today on March 24, 2019!

I'm also looking forward to growing an herb garden and a container garden this spring. To help me get started I'm planning to sign up for gardening workshops at Home Depot!  Stay tuned for future blog posts, where I'll share my experiences and photos of my new garden creations!


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