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Sashiko Visible Mending Art Retreat in Newfoundland, Canada

Last month, I spent a week in Newfoundland, Canada attending a sashiko stitching/visible mending and hand quilting workshop retreat organized by Ace Camps Travel.  If you’ve never been on a workshop retreat, I highly recommend it!

Enjoy the sites in St. Johns, Newfoundland with Ace Camp Travels

The retreat started in St, John’s with a fabulous dinner at Mallard Cottage in Quidi Vidi Village. The next day we toured a few sites in St. Johns before heading to The Doctor’s House in Green Harbor where the workshop was held.

The location was lovely , the weather was beautiful and we had 3 full days devoted to nothing but learning a new craft taught by Jessica Marquez of Miniature Rhino.  Jessica is a creator of patterns, kits and has written two books Make and Mend and Stitched Gifts.  She teaches at traveling retreats, in-person local classes and online.

The workshop setting in Newfoundland, Canada

The first day of the workshop, we learned how to make patterns using horizontal, vertical and diagonal stitching techniques.  The key to producing a beautiful stitched pattern is to PLAN and actually draw out your pattern on a grid. This way you can see all the stitches you need to make.

Day 1 of workshop - practice sashiko stitches
The next day we applied the stitching techniques we learned to mend torn clothing. I brought a pair of jeans that had a small hole and was able to not only mend the hole, but also added extra decorative stitching!
Day 2 - learning visible mending to repair a hole in my jeans
On our last day of the workshop, we progressed to a larger project where we patch-worked fabric pieces to make a mini quilt inspired by Boro quilting. 
Day 3 - learning patchwork quilting inspired by Boro quilting techniques
Not only did I learn something new, but I came away feeling very inspired to take these techniques and apply them to a wall tapestry that I want to make using my hand-dyed fabric panels that I created over a year ago (you can read about that here).  

In conclusion, going on an art retreat is a great opportunity to learn something new, meet new people and most importantly be inspired for new creative projects!

Scroll below for more pictures of the group and our work!

Ace Camps Travel Group in Newfoundland, Canada

Sashiko visible mending projects

Boro Quilt Projects

A group shot of all of us. who attend the Sashiko Stitching workshop with Ace Camps Travel

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  • What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing your beautiful stitched projects and techniques that you learned there. I’m inspired to look into an art retreat sometime, to be immersed in creativity while in beautiful new surroundings, as you so described so vividly!

    Sujata Ryan

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