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New In The Shop! Ring Dishes Hand Painted with Alcohol Inks

I’m a big fan of Jacquard products for many of my artist supplies such as the Dye-Na-Flow brand of paints which I use for silk painting and Textile Color which I use for fabric painting. So when I learned about Pinata Alcohol Inks on Jacquard’s Instagram page, I was instantly intrigued!

Pinata Alcohol Inks by Jacquard |

Here are some fun facts about alcohol inks:

  • Alcohol inks are best used on non-porous materials (i.e. ceramic tile, glass, plastic)
  • Once applied, they dry very quickly and become waterproof
  • Alcohol inks can glide on the surface applied to and create interesting patterns
  • Two main brands of alcohol inks are Pinata Inks by Jacquard and alcohol inks by Ranger
  • Though you can apply alcohol inks directly from the bottle (with a paintbrush and paint tray) or you can also thin them with a mix of isopropyl alcohol (91% or greater) and Claro extender 

I searched YouTube for more tips and when I came across Myriam’s Nature channel and in particular this video where she walks through the basics of getting started with alcohol inks, so many creative ideas starting churning in my head! 

I started to experiment with alcohol inks on polymer clay and wanted to see if I could mimic the marbled pattern I create using colored clay blocks with alcohol inks instead.

Experimenting with alcohol inks |


Having fun with alcohol inks |

After much trial and error, I have discovered that I can create a unique pattern.  It is not quite marbled in the same style, but I like the way the colors blend. 

New in the shop - hand painted ring dish sets. Hand painted using alcohol inks |

Our new hand painted ring dish sets offer a beautiful array of colors! |

Hand painted with alcohol inks, these ring dishes come as a set of 4 |

I’m testing the market with these new bowls and have only made a limited amount to start….let’s see how they do first, before I make more! 

Our new hand painted ring dish sets come boxed as a set of 4, ready for gift-giving! |

Each set of 4 is a “surprise box” - each bowl is individually hand-painted with alcohol inks and is truly one-of-a-kind.  No two sets will be the same.  

Shop Hand painted ring dish sets on DivineNYCo on Etsy 

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