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New Packaging for Silk Painting Kits

I’m excited to announce that my silk painting kits will now arrive in new packaging!  I decided to switch from a flip top box to a cotton muslin bag. 

New packaging on silk painting kits is now available! |

I personally hand-stamp each muslin bag with the Divine NY & Co logo and using a small brayer, hand-roll a streak of purple on the bottom edge.  As a final step, using a Fashion Liner fabric paint, I add a hint of gold embellishment. This bag is a convenient way to store your silk paint supplies or it can be reused to hold other art materials and knick knacks.  

Silk painting kits - new packaging

Custom logo stamped on to cotton bag |

After seeing the beautiful custom stamps on DustyRoseBlockPress Instagram feed, I reached out to them and ordered a custom logo stamp. I was so impressed that the work was finished over a weekend and mailed to me promptly.  

Custom made block print logo stamp |

And did you know that silk painting kits now ship for free (within the USA)?  These make an ideal gift for a creative friend!

Silk painting kits make a great gift for a creative friend! |

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