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New Art Collection: Organized Doodles

I’m thrilled to introduce my latest artistic venture and my first art collection of 2024, titled “Organized Doodles”.  This captivating collection comprises four charming pieces, each measuring 6 inches by 9 inches.

Organized Doodles, group collection of 4 small artworks

The creative process behind each piece was a delightful journey. I began by doodling intricate designs, using a standard mechanical pencil.  To enhance the details and bring the doodle to life, I meticulously traced over them using premium tools such as the Micron black pen, Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen and the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

For two of the pieces in this collection, I hand-painted captivating designs at the heart of each piece using a blend of watercolor pan paints, Dr. Ph Martin’s Hydrus watercolor, FineTec Pearlescent Colors and the elegant touch of a Posca paint pen in gold.  While the process of hand painting intricate details was indeed laborious, it proved to be an incredibly meditative experience, filled with a profound sense of satisfaction.

Small artwork titled Organized Doodle, watercolor and ink
Organized Doodles - watercolor and ink

The culmination of this creative endeavor has left me utterly thrilled with the outcome of each piece! Moreover, I’m excited to explore further avenues with this artwork, including transforming them into stunning prints for sale, recreating them digitally into patterns or other illustration styles.  The design possibilities of what I can do are endless!

Black ink, doodle art
Black and white doodle art

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  • Beautiful details creating such eye-catching designs! I’m getting some new ideas for quilting designs looking at your lovely work!

    Sujata Ryan

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