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My Summer of Mixed Media Art Adventures

I started my mixed media art journey last year when I subscribed to artist Karen Campbell’s YouTube channel, joined Fodder School 2, participated in parts of Fodder Challenge 2023 and joined the Collage Maker’s Summit earlier this year. 

What a year of amazing mixed media art learning! 

I’ve learned so many new techniques and ways to use acrylics, watercolor, graphite, paint pens, stencils, stamps, markers, tracing paper, tissue paper, watercolor paper, cardboard boxes and brown kraft paper to add pattern and texture to my mixed media art.  

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen my work in progress and final project photos.  

But in case you have not,  here are a few of my favorite mixed media art projects I completed this summer.  

Cherry Blossom

This mixed media art piece is inspired by the many cherry blossom trees I passed by during my daily walks in the spring.  I repurposed an old stretched canvas by applying a coat of white gesso to cover up the old paint, added texture with modeling paste and then toned it with a few coats of acrylic paint in neutral shades.  I then painted in the tree trunk, branches and the pavement.  Using markers, paint pens and graphite, I drew the flowers and leaves on smooth, translucent tracing paper and cut each out individually.  I used an acrylic gel medium to glue down each flower and leaf. And finally I added a top coat of satin varnish medium.  This art is on a stretched canvas that measures 16 inches by 12 inches.

Cherry Blossom, mixed media art on stretched canvas

Flowers in a Vase

For this flower bouquet in a vase I followed a similar process as above.  First, applying a coat of white gesso to cover up the existing paint, added texture with modeling paste and then toned it with a few layers of acrylic paint.  Next, using brush markers, Sharpie markers, gel pens and paint pens, I drew the floral elements on different types of tracing paper.  I used a glue stick and acrylic gel medium to glue down each flower in place and added a top coat of satin varnish medium. This art is on a stretched canvas that measures 16 inches by 12 inches.

Flowers in a Vase mixed media art

Repurposing Pages in a Notebook into Art

Instead of throwing away a used up, old notebook, I repurposed each page, by adding a coat of acrylic paint in paynes gray and then decorated each page with white and gold paint pens. I’m not exactly sure how I will use these painted pages in my next art project, but I’m really thrilled at how they turned out!

Repurpose written pages in a Notebook into Art

Turn Scrap Collage Fodder into Postcards

I love this project because I was able to use up leftover collage fodder to make unique postcards!  I arranged and glued the collage fodder pieces onto a larger piece of card stock (called a master sheet) and then I cut it down to postcard size.  

Turn Scrap Collage Fodder into Mixed Media Postcards

Adding Texture With Modeling Paste

What I love most about this project is that I learned how to use modeling paste with a stencil to create a raised texture which I then colored with Gelataos (watercolor chalks) and acrylic paint. I embellished these with stamping, dried flowers and other trinkets. Creating this textured art has inspired new ideas that I’m excited to try on a larger canvas.

Adding Texture With Modeling Paste to create beautiful art

Shibori Dyeing Technique on Rice Paper

Usually, I apply shibori dyeing techniques to fabric, but this was my first time shibori dyeing on rice paper!  I accordion-folded dampened rice paper into a small folded packet that I then dipped the edges in acrylic ink.  Unfolding the packet revealed beautiful shibori style patterns.  On some sheets I used a wooden stamp to embellish with additional design.  These rice paper sheets are now ready for me to use in my next mixed media art project.

Shibori dyeing technique and stamping applied to rice paper

Upcycle Brown Packing Paper

Next time you receive a package with brown packing, be sure to save it!  Brown packing paper is great to paint and stamp on which is what you see here.  I applied a coat of pink acrylic paint, overlaid with gold paint and then stamped using a wooden stamp and stamp pad.  Now this is saved to my collage fodder folder, ready to use in my next art project.

Upcycle Brown Packing Paper with acrylic paint and stamping

I hope this inspires you with some new creative ideas for your next art project!


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  • Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of your creative adventures! You have achieved so many wonderful effects through the use of many different media. It’s a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors, each one unique, detailed and vibrantly eye-catching!

    Sujata Ryan

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