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Making the Most of Procreate with Skillshare

Learning Procreate has been a goal that I started in 2018.  I was excited to buy an Apple pencil and get started in digital design with this app.  I dabbled a bit with different brushes and created a few abstract prints (read Designing with Procreate). But I was still confused on how to sketch on an iPad, use layers and how to add color.  That is why I am excited to join the new Making the Most of Procreate workshop on Skillshare.  It actually kicks off on January 23rd but I got a head start.

There are 3 classes in this workshop:

Class 1 - Intro to Procreate:  Illustrating on the iPad Pro

Class 2 - Digital Illustration:  Learn to Use Procreate

Class 3 - Illustrate in Procreate:  Drawing a Shareable Timelapse

So far, I’ve completed  Class 1 and plan to complete the other two classes this month.  Here’s my first illustration in Procreate:

Making the most of Procreate on Skillshare |

If you are interested in digital illustration, join the workshop here!

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