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Learning Pattern Design on Skillshare

I’ve been on a quest to learn digital pattern design for quite some time now. Over the past 2 years, I’ve taken different classes both online and in-person, which has helped a lot but still left me feeling a bit confused on how to bring it all together and most importantly how to convert my hand-painted designs into digital repeating patterns. 

Well, this latest class that I took on Skillshare, Modern Patterns: From Sketch to Screen by Cat Coquillette, changed all that!

What I loved most about this class is that it was really well organized and split into digestible chunks of content that started with simple techniques such as creating a gridded pattern and finished with how to create a seamless pattern. 

Simple Gridded Pattern |

Gridded Pattern with Circles |

Digitized hand-painted seamless pattern |

I have so many hand-painted designs and I’m very excited to continue on this path to convert these into digital repeating patterns. Stay tuned as I will share my progress in future posts!

Some other pattern design classes on Skillshare that have caught my attention and I’ve bookmarked to learn in September are the following:

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