Jacquard Textile Paints

I love working with fabric paints! They provide endless opportunities to transform your wardrobe and create one-of-a-kind wearable art.

There are several brands available however the brand I work with most often is Jacquard Textile Paints. The medium consistency delivers intense color and leaves your fabric soft. Be careful not to dilute with too much water – you don’t want the color run or lose its brightness.

Here’s a client project I worked on this summer where I gave a faded design a new life on a summer dress. I carefully hand-painted each flower, leaf and stem with Golden Rod and Emerald Green. The dress is now restored to its original state and the end result is happy customer.

Fabric painting project – a faded dress is given a new life | DivineNY.com

Using Jacquard Textile Paint to give a faded design a new life. | DivineNY.com

Fabric painting with Jacquard brand textile paints | DivineNY.com

What fabric design projects have you worked on recently and what is your favorite brand of textile paint? Tweet your answer to me at @DivineNY


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