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I’m Participating in the #The100DayProject

This year, I’m participating in #The100DayProject for the first time! It starts on January 31st and it is open to anyone who wants to join! So if you are interested in learning more about it, continue reading…

I'm participating in #The100DayProject

What is #The100DayProject?

The idea behind this is simple:  pick a project (any project) and work on it everyday for 100 days and share your progress online along the way. The amount of time you dedicate to your project daily is up to you - it can be as little as 10 minutes if that is all you can do on a given day or a few hours if you want to! The purpose of this project is to get into the habit of doing something you love everyday.

Why am I participating?

My reason for participating is to learn something new, specifically botanical drawing and creating with alcohol inks.  I’m inspired by these two books I purchased recently: The Joy of Botanical Drawing and Creative Alcohol Inks.

I have not quite decided how I will structure working on two projects over 100 days.  Right now, I’m leaning towards starting with botanical drawing for a week and then switching to alcohol inks for the following week. As I make progress on both projects, perhaps I will switch from alternate weeks to alternate days.  I'll see how it goes!

My 2 projects for #The100DayProject are Botanical Drawing and Alcohol Inks


The biggest challenge for anyone who participates in this event is dedicating time towards your project every day.  I’m sure there will be some days where I am unable to...but that’s ok...because this is your project and you can define how you want it to be.  Set your own guidelines.  My goal is to work on my project at least 10 minutes a day (even if that means I’m just reading the instructions on how to do a certain technique - that still counts as work towards a project!).  It might be during the week, I can only spend 10-15 minutes on it but on weekends, I can devote more time.  Whatever works best for you is how you should set yourself up for success!

#The100DayProject Kicks off January 31st - have you decided on your project?

How To Start

  1. Decide on your project
  2. Create your own unique hashtag:  #100DaysOfxxxxx that you will use in addition to the using the hashtag #The100DayProject when you share your work online.  For my unique hashtags, I’m using #100DaysOfAlcoholInks and #100DaysOfBotanticaldrawing.  A quick search on Instagram shows that there are less than 100 posts with either I feel that is unique enough for me to use.
  3. Work towards your project everyday for 100 days
  4. Share your progress online daily using the hashtag #The100DayProject plus the unique hashtag you created.
  5. Most importantly, have fun along the way!

If you learned about this online event through me, feel free to tag me on Instagram @DivineNY so that I can follow your progress too!

Resources To Use:

#The100DayProjectNewsletter - read FAQs, get notified about Instagram Live Q&A calls, and get graphics that you can use to share on your social channels

Earlier this month, there was a Q&A on Instagram Live, which you can watch HERE


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