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From Inspiration To Design Concept: A Travel Color Story

As a creative designer, I’m always paying attention to color and pattern that I see in my everyday life.  I find myself constantly inspired by so many things. I capture these moments through photos and video clips taken on my iPhone.  I also maintain a binder of interesting patterns that I might find on holiday cards, shopping bags, flyers, etc. I find it overwhelming at times and wonder how do I take all these “inspirational moments” and use them to help me come up with a design concept?  

I came up with a 4 step process that I want to share with you!   This has really helped me to streamline my creative and design thinking.  

Step 1:  Capture the moments (through photos, video, printed copies)

Step 2:  Create a Color Story

Step 3:  Pick a medium and go from inspiration to sketch (I chose watercolor as my medium)

Step 4:  Use your sketch ideas to inspire design concepts (I used the watercolor sketches I created as backgrounds for social media posts and postcard marketing materials).

Color-Inspiration-Bahamas |

Watercolor - mixing colors |

Watercolor sketch |

Color inspiration - a travel color story of Bahamas |

Creating color palettes with watercolor |

Zigzag pattern, watercolor sketch |

In my latest episode of Create Something Today, I talk about how a recent vacation I took on the Royal Caribbean Cruise to Bahamas inspired a travel color story and new design ideas.

Example of an IG story post using a watercolor background |

Example of Thank You postcard with watercolor sketch background |

Watch my latest episode below:


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