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DivineNYCo Featured in Etsy Seller Handbook

What a surprise it was when I saw my Etsy shop, DivineNYCo featured  on Etsy!  Two of my products were featured in the Etsy Seller Handbook, Seasonal Tips category in a post titled: “How to meet the growing demand of Craft Supplies”.

Etsy Feature - Growing Demand for Craft Supplies |


As more people are spending time at home,  this article highlights the recent trend and growth in demand for craft supplies.  Within craft supplies, there is a strong growth in the subcategory, “Patterns and How To”.

Shoppers are seeking comfort during this challenging time by connecting with their creativity and pursuing creative hobbies.  I’m really excited that my products help fulfill this desire! 

With more people staying indoors, they are searching for DIY kits, such as my Design Your Own Silk Scarf Silk Painting Kit as featured below.

DivineNYCo Silk Painting Kit featured on Etsy

Another trend that is popular is tie dye.  It’s always been a fashion fave and it’s trendy in home decor. Now it has become a popular crafting activity, especially as a great project to do with kids.  My hand-dyed cloth cocktail napkins caught the editor’s eye as an example showcasing this tie dye trend.

Featured on Etsy - DivineNYCo Tie Dye Cloth Napkins

I love being featured in Etsy blog posts! Here are a few tips that I’ve learned that helped increase my chances of being featured on Etsy:

  1. Great photography.  My go to tools for product photography are my iPhone, Adobe Photoshop and PicMonkey.  I re-size and edit my photos in Photoshop and then bring it into PicMonkey for easy removal of the background.
  2. I pay attention to what is trending and see how I might be able to adjust my current product listings or maybe add a new product category.  For example, this year, an email from Etsy informing me that the demand for fabric face masks are on the rise, inspired me to quickly create a hand-dyed fabric face mask collection which has been very popular.  
  3. Build a cohesive brand.  My brand is growing and evolving.  As I introduce new products, I am working towards developing a cohesive branded look from styled photography, distinct color palettes, product descriptions that tell a story and having an authentic social media voice.  

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