Creative ways to display your memories!

by Rekha on March 3, 2012

A reader recently wrote and asked me for creative ideas on how to remember her grandmother who recently passed away. Here are some creative ways to display your memories.

1. Create a decorative recipe album to hold special recipes that were passed down to you from your family member. You can incorporate images of this person, fun stories associated with a particular recipe and other memorabilia.

I love these colorful binders from and fun, decorative dividers from Container Store

2. Design and display a memorial shadow box. A shadow box, like this one from West Elm, is a perfect way to display mementos, photographs and trinkets on a side table; or create an interesting wall display with a shadow box like this one from Pottery Barn.

3. Collect old photographs and create a memory wall. Tell a captivating story by displaying your photos and memories in this Studio Wall Easel; or create a dramatic effect by printing your photos on canvas and hang as art on these oversized frame hangers.

Check out my latest video to see a simple but decorative idea on how to commemorate your memories with a shadow box!

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