Skillhshare is a great way to learn creative and business skills. It’s an online learning community where you can watch video lessons, post your completed projects, interact with teachers and learners through the discussion boards, provide feedback and receive feedback.  Anyone can join Skillshare to enroll in a class or even teach a class!

Once you are a Skillshare member, you’ll have access to 1000s of classes on all kinds of topics.  Since all classes are online, you can watch anytime, from anywhere around the globe.

I’m excited to be part of the Skillshare community both as a teacher and learner.  My Skillshare channel is rapidly growing!

I offer 3 class tracks:

  1. Career Success:  Learn to be a Star at Work!   These classes will focus on productivity tools, project management, change management, etc.
  2. Tools You Can Use for Creative Business.  These classes will focus on business strategies for the creative entrepreneur.
  3. Creative Workshop.  These classes will focus on design and crafting skills.

Make sure to follow me on Skillshare to be notified when new classes launch.  Currently I’m offering the following: