Summer Sundays: New Creative Workshop Series

May 7, 2017

Get ready for the launch of Summer Sundays, our new creative summer workshop series! One Sunday month, we’ll spend the afternoon exploring our creative side. Each month, you’ll learn different fabric design and printmaking techniques that you can then apply to your own product design ideas or home decorating projects. Each session is [...]

Make a Lasting Impression with Eye-Catching Packaging

October 7, 2016
Handmade ring dishes - perfect for jewelry and other trinkets |

When I first launched my Etsy shop, I didn’t give much thought to packaging. I thought the main purpose of packaging was to protect the goods while in transit. Well, that is simply not the case! Packaging is part of your branding! It makes a lasting impression on customers and keeps them …

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Online Webinar: Content that Converts

August 6, 2016
FREE webinar: Learn tips and strategies on how to write compelling product titles and product descriptions.

I’m co-hosting another FREE online webinar with Melissa McGraw of The Fashion Potential on Tuesday August 9, 8pm EST / 5pm PST. We’ll be providing you with tips and strategies on how to write compelling product titles and product descriptions that will attract customers. In the e-commerce world, creating optimized content will help convert …

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My NEW Skillshare Class: Glass Painting

August 5, 2016
Glass Painting Class on Skillshare - enroll now! |

I am excited to announce that my first class on Skillshare is now open for enrollment! If you’re wondering what to do with those used wine bottles after the dinner party, then this class might be perfect for you! In this glass painting class, I’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to decorate …

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Fabric Paints

August 4, 2016
Fabric Paints give a faded design a new life |

I love working with fabric paints! They provide endless opportunities to transform your wardrobe and create one-of-a-kind wearable art. There are several brands available however the brand I work with most often is Jacquard Textile Paints. The medium consistency delivers intense color and leaves your fabric soft. Be careful not to dilute with …

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Living Room Style

August 2, 2016
Beautiful, colorful & plush pillows |

When you think of a living room, what comes to mind? I know for me, my living room is the focal point of my home. It’s where I come to relax, watch my favorite show on TV or engage in a DIY crafting project. My dream living room has to be functional …

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Online Webinar: How to Price Your Products for Profitability

July 21, 2016
Webinar: Price Your Products for Profitability

To sign up for this webinar, please click on this LINK. Pricing products for profitability is one of the biggest challenges most crafters, designers and creative product business owners face. I’ll be joining Melissa McGraw, founder of The Fashion Potential on Tuesday, July 26th at 8pm EST to host this live webinar. Some of the […]

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Painting Beachside in Naples, Florida

June 5, 2016
Silk Painting Corporate Event |

Last month, I had the pleasure of hosting a silk scarf painting workshop spouse activity for the Morgan Stanley Annual Chairman Conference at the Ritz Carleton Beach Resort in Naples, Florida! Painting beachside was truly a wonderful experience! If you haven’t been to Naples, FL, I suggest you plan a visit! The beaches along …

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Silk Painting Workshop on July 30th in Manhattan

June 4, 2016
Silk Painting Workshop NYC |

Join me for me next silk painting workshop on Saturday July 30, 1:00 – 4:30pm! In this workshop, we’ll expand our creative skills and learn to design on silk with gold and black outliner. Once the outliner is dry, you’ll use silk paints to add color and create a one-of-a-kind hand-painted silk scarf. …

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Silk Painting Kit

May 29, 2016
Silk Painting Kit |

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new silk painting kit! In this kit, you’ll learn how to design a silk scarf using gold metallic outliner and silk paints. The color palette incorporates orange, midnight blue and black. The floral pattern is one of my exclusive designs. It’s fun, lively and …

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Silk Painting Tip: Using Metallic Outliners

April 9, 2016
Silk painted design with metallic outliner |

If you are looking to enhance your silk painting techniques, I suggest you try designing with metallic outliners. This is now my new preferred design technique! When I learned silk painting (many years ago!), I learned to create patterns and designs with traditional water based clear resist. Resist is a glue-like substance that blocks …

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