Unique Gift: Hand Dyed Custom Placemats

by Rekha on October 6, 2017

Looking for a unique gift or simply seeking to update your own dining decor? Our custom placemats highlight the beautiful effects of hand-dyed fabric.

Our placemats are crafted in muslin, a plain-weave cotton fabric that can withstand countless washes. Prior to the cutting and dyeing process, we pre-wash the fabric to soften the fibers.

Our distinctive square-shaped placemats are ideally suited for small dining tables in particular.

Custom Placemats - dyed in a colors of your choice | divinely.com

The Process

Once the fabric is cut to size (our square placemats are 14”x14”), we prepare the dye.
We dye our fabric in two contrasting colors. Using shibori dyeing techniques, the fabric squares are folded accordion style, clamped and submerged completely in the first dye color (the first color is the lighter color). After soaking for about 30 minutes, we squeeze out the excess dye and let it sit while still folded for about an hour. We then unfold each fabric piece and let it air dry.

Getting ready to hand dye fabric | DivineNY.com

The fabric pieces are accordion folded/clamped again and this time the edges are dipped in the second dye color for about 30 minutes. Again, the excess dye is squeezed out and set to dry while folded. After a few hours, the fabric is unfolded and left to dry overnight.

The next day, each fabric square is ironed, rinsed in cool water, dried again, ironed again and sewn into placemats!

Hand Dyed Square Placemats | DivineNY.com

If you would like a set of custom placemats, you can place your order here. You can choose your own colors – simply state your color options in the notes section when placing your order or you can request a color dye option card and select specific colors from there. Production time for custom placemats is 7-10 business days. Remember, holiday season is fast approaching, if you are looking to give custom square placemats as a gift, please place your orders early!

Hand Dyed Fabric, custom placemats | DivineNY.com

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