The Ultimate “Like”: Being Featured on Etsy Finds!

by Rekha on November 1, 2015

I received the best “treat” yesterday on Halloween, October 31, 2015 when I clicked on Etsy Finds email newsletter and saw that my silk scarf painting craft kit was featured in the Dreamy DIYs: DIY Craft Projects Section! Wow, to be selected by the Etsy editorial team, this is the ultimate “like”!

DivineNYCo is featured in Etsy Finds !

I like many other Etsy shop owners have wanted to be featured for a long time and have constantly researched how to make this happen. Partially it is luck and timing, but I also have been taking strategic action and following tips shared by Etsy through their Seller Handbook and Etsy Success emails.

DivineNYCo featured in Dreamy DIYs in Etsy Finds!

The first thing I did was to improve my photography. My main product photo is now on a white background instead of the dark wood background I used to use. Other product photos can be lifestyle shots or on different backgrounds, but it is recommended that the main photo be on a white background.

Next, I used the Etsy search feature to see what similar items popped up when I entered certain key words that described my product. I made a list of all these words and incorporated them into my product descriptions and used them as product tags.

I have opted to use Etsy’s Promoted Listings tool to promote several products. Through this feature, I’m able to see what search terms are being used by customers to find my products. Having this detailed information also helped to fine tune product descriptions and update product tags with these relevant search words.

In conclusion – it is a lot of work to be found online line whether it is on Etsy or other e-commerce platforms. But now, after much research and trial and error, I have a figured out a methodology that has helped me to increase sales and improve my shop visibility. Being found by the Etsy editorial team is proof that my work has paid off!

Thank you Etsy for featuring my silk painting craft kit!

Next on my wish list: to make it to Oprah’s Favorite Things!

DivineNYCo featured by Etsy Editors for Etsy Finds!

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