My favorite Paint Color Trends for 2017

by Rekha on January 7, 2017

I’ve been thinking of repainting the interior of my home for a while now. Though I do love my current color scheme, it could use an updated look.

Current color scheme: Heirloom Orchid, Baked Scone and Expedition Khaki

Current home paint color scheme |

I usually prefer neutral colors for larger spaces such as a living room, bedroom or dining room, however as I browse the various paint color trends for 2017, I’m inspired to explore deeper and bolder hues for smaller spaces such as a bathroom or kitchen.

Using a pared-down neutral palette does not have to be drab! It’s actually a very chic way to decorate a room as long as you add interesting elements that bring in a pop of color, texture or pattern.

Bold colors are great for small rooms as it can give the illusion that a space is larger than it really is.

Here are the color palettes that I’m leaning towards:

2017 Paint Color Trends

Living/Dining Room/Front foyer: Behr Laid Back Gray T17-09
Kitchen / Bathrooms: Behr Wanderlust T17-12
Bedrooms: Behr Sepia Filter T17-03

2017 Paint Color Trends |

Living Room / Dining Room / Front Foyer: Stormy Monday 2112-50
Bathrooms and Kitchen: Benjamin Moore Shadow 2117-30
Bedrooms: Benjamin Moore Lady Finger 1045

2017 Paint Color Trends |

Living Room / Dining Room / Front Foyer: Benjamin Moore Amulet AF-365
Kitchen/Bathroom: Benjamin Moore Somerville Red HC-62
Bedrooms: Benjamin Moore Etruscan AF-355

I’d love to hear from you….what’s your favorite paint color trend for this year?

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