Make a Lasting Impression with Eye-Catching Packaging

by Rekha on October 7, 2016

When I first launched my Etsy shop, I didn’t give much thought to packaging. I thought the main purpose of packaging was to protect the goods while in transit. Well, that is simply not the case!

Packaging is part of your branding! It makes a lasting impression on customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Just think about when you order product online and receive it – don’t you just love the unboxing experience?

I’ve been on a mission to improve the packaging for all the products in my shop and provide my customers the best brand experience.

My first step was to research packaging options that reflected my style. My products are handmade, colorful & unique. My packaging needed to reflect that too.

As much as possible I prefer natural, eco-friendly materials with an earthy, organic look. Since my products are fairly colorful, I wanted my packaging to be in a neutral color palette.

I’m excited to show off the new packaging for my best selling item! These ring dishes come as a set of 4, packaged in window boxes making gift giving fun and easy!

Packaging inspiration - perfect for all gift giving occasions |

By the way, if you did want to order these in bulk as wedding or party favors or even holiday gifts, I can accommodate that!

Interested in a set of 4, shop HERE
Interested in ordering in bulk, shop HERE

Handmade ring dishes - perfect for jewelry and other trinkets |

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