Living Room Style

by Rekha on August 2, 2016

When you think of a living room, what comes to mind? I know for me, my living room is the focal point of my home. It’s where I come to relax, watch my favorite show on TV or engage in a DIY crafting project. My dream living room has to be functional with plenty of storage options, look trendy and elegant, ready to entertain guests and most importantly invoke the feeling of comfort through the use of color and pattern.

For my sofa, I prefer neutral colors and soft plush fabrics.

Living Room Style - choose a sofa in a neutral color

Living room style...don't you just love soft plush fabrics?  |

Living Room Style - this tufted sofa adds elegance! |

A sectional sofa brings all elements of a home together! |

Coffee table trunks are the perfect blend of style and functional storage!

Coffee table trunk:  functional yet stylish! |

A super stylish, functional storage space that is also an awesome coffee table! |

Make your dream living room comfy, elegant and trendy with colorful pillows, blankets and décor accents.

Beautiful, colorful & plush pillows |

This textured, printed pillow is inspired by Ancient Persia |

Rich jewel tones, embellished with small glass beads |

Here are two design concepts to inspire your living room design. I’d love to hear what you think…could this be your dream living room? Please share in the comments below or let me know on Twitter (@DivineNY)!

Living Room Style design concept |

Featured items:
Wool beaded, paisley square pillow
Square, gold foil pillow
Floor lamp
Coffee table trunk

A design concept for your dream living room |

Featured Items:
Floor lamp
Sectional sofa
Coffee table trunk

Arhaus has tons of great products and right now their sectionals have been very popular for inspiring a dream living room!

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