Indoor Air Quality Needs Testing

by Rekha on January 6, 2016

Testing air quality in the home

When you want to protect your home and its possessions from becoming a fungal environment and want to keep your family healthy, having professional inspectors collect and analyze air samples can become important, especially if you have had a water leak or a flooded basement where high levels of mold spores in the air present a serious problem.

After finding the mold spores using state-of-the-art testing equipment, three indoor air samples are sent to an independent third-party laboratory for an accurate analysis. Air sampling provides detailed information regarding the types of mold spores and in what concentrations they are found. The customer is then given a detailed easy-to-understand report from the laboratory.

Indoor air quality testing Washington DC areas can be professionally accomplished by a company such as Mold Gone, LLC. It is a fine example of a full-service mold inspection, testing, and remediation family owned and operated company with more than a decade of experience serving the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland metropolitan area.

When needed, such a company will send their certified technicians to conscientiously and carefully explain the possible problems, the work process, and the cost ahead of time. Those employees are also required to have experience in construction to deal with the many projects that additionally involve demolition and reconstruction that has to be included in the over-all project. Every mold condition is solved in the most cost effective way for the benefit of the customer.

Materials are laid out to protect any carpet. The mold is pulled out, bagged, areas are treated and disinfected with a special solution, moldy belongings are removed and trashed, a special fan dries everything out, an after treatment mold test of the air quality is conducted to ensure that the mold had not spread, and the premises are left cleaner and more sanitized than they were beforehand.

The work crew will also take numerous photos during the mold removal process in order to document their work and the chemicals used to kill and remove the mold to help you in persuading your homeowners insurance to pay for the repair.

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