How to make a banner with Cricut Explore Air

by Rekha on November 22, 2015

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I recently created and designed a banner to use at holiday markets I’m participating in this year. I had a lot of fun creating this and thought I would share with you how I made it.

Special thanks goes to my friend Sara Stroman of S2 Stationery and Design who helped me make this using her Cricut Explore Air cutting machine.

Here’s a step-by-step on how I created my banner:
1. I used the Cricut Explore Air to cut out letters that spelled my company’s name. The Cricut Explore Air is an electronic cutting machine that can cut just about any material including fabric! With this design and cut system, you can put your own personal touch on all your DIY projects!

A tutorial:  Create a DIY Burlap Banner |

2. Next, I painted each letter in black acrylic paint. The edges may curl while drying but you can iron on a low heat after the paint dries to flatten.

3. I cut a piece of burlap measuring approximately 72” x 14.5” and covered the borders with pink sari fabric remnants.

4. I decided that I wanted my logo to be the background on the banner, so I carved it using a lino-cutter on a linoleum block and block printed the design on the burlap fabric.

Divine NY logo carved on a linoleum block |

Carved logo on linoleum block with lino-cutter |

Block print logo design on burlap banner |

5. I attached each letter to the banner with gold thread using a blanket stitch.

DIY Burlap banner |

A tutorial:  Create a DIY Burlap Banner |

That’s it, my DIY banner is now complete and ready to showcase at my next holiday market at Etsy NY Street Team’s Handmade Cavalcade on December 5th.

Do you have any creative DIY ideas on how to create a banner? Please share it in the comments below!

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