Fabric Stenciled Examples

by Rekha on August 18, 2018

When you are a designer, it is always important to engage in “creative play” and experiment with new design techniques. This notion of creative play can help inspire new thoughts, ideas and inspiration for your next product launch or print collection. My “creative play” for the month of August involves fabric stenciling.

To learn my step-by-step approach on how to create your own fabric stenciled project, hop on over to this post: Design Inspiration: The Art of Fabric Stenciling

To see how I gave new life to old pillowcases, hop on over to this post: DIY Project: Give Old Pillowcases a new life with a Stenciled Design

Here are some of my fabric stenciled examples:
Creative play with Fabric Stenciling | DivineNY.com

Fun stenciled flowers | DivineNY.com

Fabric Stenciled Examples | DivineNY.com

Fabric stenciling fun! | DivineNY.com

Blue fabric stenciled flowers | DivineNY.com

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