What’s Trending in 2018? Color and Pattern Trends

by Rekha on January 6, 2018

Have you been paying attention to this year’s latest pattern and color trends? I sure have! Every year, I pay close attention to what’s on trend, as this often helps me to visualize, design and sketch new product ideas that I intend to launch in the coming year.

So, let’s take a look….these are the color and pattern trends that have caught my eye:


First off, I’m thrilled that Pantone’s Color of the Year is Ultra Violet 18-3838! Any shade of purple is my favorite color! This shade fosters imagination, creativity and artistic brilliance, which is why you’ll see this color used for my website, on social media posts and other marketing/packaging material.

Pantone Color of 2018 | DivineNY.com

You may not be painting your house walls in ultra violet, but I can totally see sprucing up your home with pillows, throw blankets, vases and maybe even curtains in this color. As far as fashion – this is a great color for a dresses, tops, sweaters or scarves.

Some of my other favorite colors this season are:
Sailor Blue, Arcadia, Harbor Mist, Chili Oil, Cherry Tomato and Blooming Dahlia.

Color Trends 2018 | DivineNY.com

You can learn more about these colors in Pantone’s Spring 2018 Color Trend Report.


I’m a big fan of floral, leopard and stripes and I’m happy to note that these prints will continue to be on trend this year. Another favorite print of mine is simple polka dots and this year you’ll be seeing a lot of black and white polka dots.

Print Trends | DivineNY.com

Also be on the lookout for llamas – a trend that started in 2017 will continue this year as well. Llamas are everywhere: on pillows, dog coats, fabric and art!

Llamas continue to be on trend for 2018 | DivineNY.com

Windsor wearing llama dog coat | DivineNY.com

I’m joining this trend too…stay tuned, a new llama DIY kit will be launching soon!

Shop Llama prints here:
Llama pillow, Pier1.com
Llama print dog coat, PetSmart.com
Llama wall art, Target.com

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