Be Mine: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

by Rekha on January 19, 2016

Etsy Finds - Valentine's Day Gift Guide |
Don’t wait until the last minute and show up with just candy & flowers! Instead, plan ahead and give a personal handmade gift. Here are some picks from my Etsy shop as well as from other vendors.

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Here’s my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:

Hand-painted silk scarf by DivineNYCo

Each silk scarf is hand-painted with silk dyes in magenta and yellow and steam set. It features my exclusive floral design.

Silk Scarf - Valentine's Day Gift Guide |

Clay Ring bowls, set of 4 by DivineNYCo

Each ring bowl showcases a marbled pattern that is unique and one-of-a-kind. Hand-crafted in polymer clay and embellished with gold rims, they’re ideal for jewelry, knick-knacks or tea light candles.

Ring bowls - Valentine's Day Gift Guide |

Cloth cocktail napkin sets by DivineNYCo

Eco-friendly and stylish, these violet cloth cocktail napkins are hand-dyed using dip-dye and folding techniques. Each napkin showcases the effects of hand-dyed fabrics and creates a distinctive artful look. The end result: each version is unique!

Hand-dyed napkins - Valentine's Day Gift Guide |

Heart-shaped cutting board by WildFireFlies

This beautiful cutting board is handmade and treated with a food grade oil. It measures 14.5” x 13.5” x ¾” and can be personalized.

Heart Cutting Board - Valentine's Day Gift Guide |

Ribbon bookmarks by MyThreeMsShop

This set of 5 jumbo ribbon clip bookmarks can be used as a bookmark, decorative office supplies, money clip, receipt holder, bill organizer and much more!

Ribbon bookmarks - Valentine's Gift Guide |

Wood Tray by ShineBoxPrimitives

This distressed handcrafted wood tray features antique handles and color matched screws. Perfect for breakfast in bed, a lap desk, perfume tray or a statement home accent piece.

Wood tray - Valentine's Day Gift Guide |

Woodland Wooden Spoons by BlessingFalls

These charming wooden spoons have been wood-burned by hand with cute, original woodland designs. This set features a fox, an owl and an acorn.

Wooden spoons - Valentine's Day Gift Guide |

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Hand-painted Silk Scarf
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Heart shaped cutting board
Ribbon bookmarks
Wood Tray
Wooden spoon set

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