5 Tips to Help you Improve your Home’s Value

by Rekha on August 20, 2015

Did you know that hiring an interior designer to help improve the appearance and functionality of your home could increase its value dramatically?

Hire an interior designer to improve your home value | DivineNY.com

Any upgrade or home renovation project should be carefully planned and not made on a whim. When planning an upgrade, here are some tips to follow.

• Start by making a list of all the changes and upgrades you would like to have done – both small changes and major upgrades.

• Determine your budget then rank the items on your list in order of priority and budget availability.

• Focus on upgrades that will improve space. This could mean knocking down a wall or removing the kitchen island. This is where hiring an interior design firm, one that is experienced with space planning and home redesign is the best way to proceed. MV interior design in Miami, a full-service construction and interior design company, has the expertise to provide solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the overall quality of life of any space in your home.

• Any real estate professional will tell you the number 1 upgrade with the greatest return is the kitchen! You may not have the budget for a full-scale kitchen remodel, but even simple changes like adding a backsplash or painting will add value.

• Improved lighting enhances a home’s appeal. Invest in installing dimmer switches, use sun tubes or tubular skylights.

Home improvements big and small boost your home’s value | DivineNY.com

Whether you make a few simple, low-budget improvements or engage in a full home renovation, spending just a few hundred dollars can pay off big in terms of boosting your home’s value. But don’t do this alone! Partner with an experienced interior design firm whose team of interior designers and architects will coordinate every aspect of your design dream from conception to the last interior design detail. They will help you transform your living space to meet your personality, style and budget!

Partner with a professional interior design firm to help improve your home’s value | DivineNY.com

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